Plant Design

Plant Design

Enstun Engineering industrial plant design begins with a process, represented on a flow sheet. Enstun Engineers begin to model the equipment required to process and convey the material. Our best results come when this process is conducted with all the parties intimately involved. At industrial plant design, we utilize brain storming sessions where everyone has input at key points as the design and model evolves. This allows the team to make critical decisions early in the process.

This collective brain makes more intelligent decisions and works through the constraints of each discipline. This results in a superior layout early on, and allows the customer to fully understand what their facility will do and look like. This approach reduces changes during design, fabrication and construction, process creating serious savings for the customer. Once the 3D model or general arrangements are complete and vetted, detailed engineering begins and construction documents generated.

Some examples from our plant based design services

  • Plot Plan Development
  • Pipe Routing
  • Skit Routing
  • Discipline Engineering
  • 3D and 2D Modeling
  • Bills of Materials/Material Take-offs
  • Detailed System Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Line Sizing
  • Detailed System Plot Plan Development & Pipe Routing
  • Hydraulics
  • Equipment and instrumentation selection
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Drainage and Dewatering
  • Oil Systems
  • High Pressure Oil Systems

Enstun Engineering is an international expert on supporting mechanical equipment, structures and control systems of industrial plants. It builds tailor-made plants as per customers’ requests, needs and requirements. It ensures complete installation of plants in project it undertakes by collaborating and working with different equipment manufacturers.

Our expertise for fallowing plant types,

  • Power Plants
  • Oil and Gas Plants
  • Metal and Steel Plants
  • Mining Plants
  • Paper and Wood Production Plants
  • Aggregates & Cement Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Navy / Marine Motor and Generators
  • Plant and Factory Industrial Systems
  • Defence Systems
  • Water and Treatment

Enstun Engineering has strong engineering service capabilities for, hydroelectrical electromechanical and hydromechanical systems, energy rotating systems such as, turbine, hydro turbine, pump, compressors, generator, hydro generator and energy storage applications in complete mechanical system integration and electrical system integration with the application of design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning models, complex onshore and offshore equipment which can be used in primary energy, mining, cement, environmental, production, aerospace and defense industries, with several kinds of a different alternative solution for all over the world.

Enstun Engineering system integration has profession on equipment/engineering, manufacturing, and assembly services, including turbines, generators, steel parts, runners, housing parts, brackets, spiders, crashers, shafts, journals, crashers, lifting equipment, gears and gearboxes, frames laminations, stator laminations, rotor laminations, rim sheets, rotor pole sheets, hydraulics, governor systems, cooling water systems, oil lubrication systems and other all other types of medium and heavy industrial systems.

To discuss further with Enstun Engineering services, please contact us, we are excited to contact you.