Hydro Penstock and Gates

Hydro Penstock and Gates

Enstun Engineering provides well focused engineering, design and contract services for the new manufacturing, repair, rehabilitation and installation of hydromechanical structures.

Manifold, penstocks, and other hydromechanical equipments

With the size of today’s projects, it is necessary to reduce costs in combination with the maximum use of local resources, which requires more and more special design with calculation together with well organized manufacturing.

Besides the hydraulic optimization of water conduits, the choice of suitable materials (along with the most economic process technology) is a major concern in penstock construction.

The main criteria for bifurcators are to achieve optimum flow behavior. Model tests are performed in Enstun Engineering cooperated laborataries as well as in cooperation with university institutes to determine the optimum hydraulic shape, i.e. the one showing the least head losses.

The data measured is used to improve the stress analysis programs. In a series of theoretical studies and model tests to verify the theory of critical buckling pressure of ring-stiffened pipes Enstun Engineering has achieved significant economical and safety The verification of computational organized methods is very important for state-of-the-art designs. The calculated stresses in complex geometrical structures such as bifurcators are checked routinely by strain gauge measurements on the model prototype improvements to the components.

Hydromechanical equipments, MIV (Main inlet valves) ,Gates and Trash Racks

Enstun Engineering is supplying any type of main inlet valves (MIV) ,high-pressure gates, such as fixed wheel gates, sliding gates, radial gates, and caterpillar gates, as well as gates for ship locks, such as miter gates or sector gates.

Dams for hydropower plants have to meet the most stringent safety requirements. Enstun Engineering supplies any type of high-pressure gates, such as fixed wheel gates, sliding gates, radial gates, and caterpillar gates. These gates are used for power intakes, bottom outlets, or river diversion works.

Enstun Engineering is supplying spillway gates, normally as radial or fixed wheel gates. For low head or run-of-river power plants, the product and service scope includes all types of hydro-mechanical equipment for weirs, power house inlets, and outlet structures.

Enstun Engineering is also supplying trash racks, raking machines, and cranes, as well as stoplogs, lifting beams, and valves.

All hydro mechanical related items will be design and manufacture under Enstun Engineering team,

  • Penstocks
  • MIV (Main Inlet Valve)
  • Steel tunnel linings
  • Bi- and trifurcators
  • Manifold systems
  • Pipe bridges
  • Structure Design
  • Structure Inspection
  • Condition Assessment
  • Penstock Expansion Joints
  • Dry Pit/Dry Bearing Systems
  • Intake Structure
  • Tainter Gates & Sluice Gates
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Gate Maintenance
  • Sluice Glates
  • Weir Gates
  • Radial Gates
  • Intake Gates
  • Flap Gates
  • Draft Tube Gates
  • Trash Racks and cleaning systems
  • Stop Log
  • Tainter Gate Hoists
  • Stop Gates, Stop Logs, Bulkheads
  • Cofferdams
  • Log Booms

Enstun Engineering has strong engineering service capabilities for, hydroelectrical electromechanical and hydromechanical systems, energy rotating systems such as, turbine, hydro turbine, pump, compressors, generator, hydro generator and energy storage applications in complete mechanical system integration and electrical system integration with the application of design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning models, complex onshore and offshore equipment which can be used in primary energy, mining, cement, environmental, production, aerospace and defense industries, with several kinds of a different alternative solution for all over the world.

Enstun Engineering system integration has profession on equipment/engineering, manufacturing, and assembly services, including turbines, generators, steel parts, runners, housing parts, brackets, spiders, crashers, shafts, journals, crashers, lifting equipment, gears and gearboxes, frames laminations, stator laminations, rotor laminations, rim sheets, rotor pole sheets, hydraulics, governor systems, cooling water systems, oil lubrication systems and other all other types of medium and heavy industrial systems.

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