Energy Storages

Energy Storages

Enstun Engineering provides a range of consulting, design, and system integration services to organizations designing and building energy storage systems. Our clients range from manufacturers of custom battery packs in the kilowatt range to developers of megawatt-scale energy storage systems. From requirements definition to field installation Enstun Engineering provides support during all stages of your energy storage product development. This includes consultation on initial design and selection of components, transitioning from prototyping to volume production, supply chain management, and hands-on engineering support during system bring-up in the field.

Planning, project supervision is business of Enstun Energy Engineering; stationary large scale batteries are a reality in the Turkish, European, African and Asian and international markets, which allow designing the energy supply more economical and ecological. The engineering service Enstun Engineering offers you development, planning and consulting for stationary batteries.

There is a custom-tailored offer for every customer group Enstun Engineering is ready to help all kind of clients, as a plant operator or project developer (or want to evaluate, whether the operation of a large scale battery is economical for you), system integrator or planning office or component manufacturer (batteries, inverters, other primary components,etc…). Electricity grids across the world are evolving to accommodate the rapid rise of renewable and decentralised energy generation technologies. Maintaining moment-to-moment power stability across these networks is a growing challenge for transmission and distribution network operators.

Enstun Engineering can assist electricity generators, network utilities and energy suppliers enhance the flexibility and energy security of their systems and increase the value of their electricity operations by helping them utilise the maturing range of Enstun Engineering technologies. Well focus of Enstun Engineering services and attention to detail developed through years of experience in the renewables industry. Enstun Engineering can assist clients’ decision-making by providing tailored service packages to meet their specific requirements and we offer support from initial feasibility through to decommissioning; supporting the progression of a project through its feasibility, development, construction and operational phases.

Technical advisor and experts of Enstun Energy Engineering on over 1000 MW projects in Turkey,Asia,Africa and Europa,in hydro and thermal power plants , ranging from, hydrogen fuel cell technology to flagship lithium ion plants. For both developing and operational plants, in particular those based on battery technology, we have assisted clients with initial feasibility, analysis, planning, and technical and commercial advisory requirements, through to technical due diligence. We are also assisting funders and developers realise the potential of several GW of pipeline projects.

Enstun Engineering believes that hybrid systems in energy plants can not survive without battery-related services. Enstun Engineering work with all available electrochemical energy storage systems, as well as with supercapacitors. In particular, Enstun Energy Engineering help to our customers selecting the most suitable storage system, provide failure root-cause analysis, or answer questions concerning safe operation. Enstun Engineering subject energy storage systems to electrical, thermal, and mechanical tests, while ensuring their operational safety. In doing so, we provide a precise characterisation of your specimens regarding durability, performance and safety. Besides initial characterisation, this helps ensure consistent product quality as part of quality assurance.

Enstun Engineering has strong engineering service capabilities for, hydroelectrical electromechanical and hydromechanical systems, energy rotating systems such as, turbine, hydro turbine, pump, compressors, generator, hydro generator and energy storage applications in complete mechanical system integration and electrical system integration with the application of design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning models, complex onshore and offshore equipment which can be used in primary energy, mining, cement, environmental, production, aerospace and defense industries, with several kinds of a different alternative solution for all over the world.

Enstun Engineering system integration has profession on equipment/engineering, manufacturing, and assembly services, including turbines, generators, steel parts, runners, housing parts, brackets, spiders, crashers, shafts, journals, crashers, lifting equipment, gears and gearboxes, frames laminations, stator laminations, rotor laminations, rim sheets, rotor pole sheets, hydraulics, governor systems, cooling water systems, oil lubrication systems and other all other types of medium and heavy industrial systems.

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